Archangel David


Author:  Cynthia A. Silk

Archangel David is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe.  David is 28 Earth years in appearance, 6’0″ tall with blue eyes and shoulder length curly brown hair.  David prefers to wear blue jeans and a blue t-shirt. David is from a planet called Trèséà however he is not from the Universe originally.  David’s origins are sacred.

David has multiple duties in addition to his role of Guardian Angel and these include collecting scientific data for the Árian angels for research purposes as well as being responsible for all the materials that are used for the integration of a new kind of technology that will enable angels to maintain higher levels of energy storage.  David was assigned the role of senior paraphysical research scientist because of his extensive knowledge of energy related technology and because of his technical experience.

David is the only angel to have been recruited from another project in order to fulfill an integral role in the 2012 transition[1] requiring his expertise.   David will be working alongside Archangel Michael, Archangel Kàm and Archangel Peter who are all involved in the transition.

Primary Roles:  Principal Guardian Angel and Principal Mentor
Angel Group:    The Árian Angels (click to view)

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  1. 3-13-2014

    Hi Marion – your angels would like you to watch for the signs that they send you. The number 4 is significant and also songs that play repeatedly in your mind that go back in time. Messages through songs are usually contained in one or two of the verses or even the title. You can read about Angel Messages on The Angel Channeler website: . Take care, Cynthia

  2. 3-11-2014

    I heard a voice say archangel David is waiting to work with me, what does this mean, how will I know what to do

  3. 1-3-2014

    sorry…………got mixed up with Daniel…sorry sorry sorry

  4. 1-3-2014

    I’ve actually seen this Young man in person last year-split 3 second image. He is like us but tall, very slim, pale with some freckles with almost shoulder length, wispy, healthy, blondish coppery wavey flicked modern hairdo ideal for both men and women. He looked like an Australian surfer, wearing casual clothes and chilled out. (we all like surfers don’t we?) I can imagine him listening to Leftfield. After effing and blinding with shock,washing my hands in the next room, behind me, he whispered the name of my future husband of which I met via a friend a month later. 10 months later, I got married to this guy. It’s true that he’s an angel of marriage.

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