Author:  Cynthia A. Silk

Archangel Michael is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe.  Michael comes from the Sanctuary of Ária however he is not from the Universe originally.  Michael’s origins are sacred.

Michael is often depicted brandishing a sword which makes him very sad because he is a gentle man who abhors violence and who does not wish to be portrayed holding a weapon as it implies he would use it. The real Michael is 6’0″ tall with blue eyes and long wavy sandy colored hair worn loose to his waist. He loves wearing jeans and a t-shirt and other modern day clothing including many of the latest fashions here on Earth.

Michael is known to many as a protector however this is not his only duty. One of Michael’s main responsibilities is to oversee all of the guardian angels who are assigned to protect our planet. Michael is also responsible for maintaining peace and security in several different regions of the Universe.

Michael works very closely with Archangel Gabriel overseeing our safety. For this reason Michael and Gabriel are the angels to call upon to remove unwanted spirits from houses, buildings and anyone affected by them.  Another Árian angel Michael works very closely with is Ária who like Michael and Gabriel is part of an elite trio of angels who are always recruited for complex assignments all over the Universe.

In his spare time Michael loves to listen to music, play his guitar with friends or write about his extensive career as an angel.  Michael is also passionate about the welfare of animals on this planet which is something that he hopes will improve over the course of the 2012 transition.[1]

Michael is often seen shrouded in gold energy flecked with purple, green and silver. On a very rare occasion Michael can be seen surrounded by a beautiful turquoise energy.  Michael is probably one of the best-loved angels known to us today because of the comfort he brings to so many and for all the lives he has touched with his presence.

Michael has a pivotal role in the 2012 transition [1] alongside Archangel Ária, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Kàm and Archangel David.

Primary Roles:  Principal Guardian Angel and Spiritual Mentor
Angel Group:    The Árian Angels (click to view)

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  1. 4-2-2014

    Michael is my favorite.

  2. 1-30-2014

    Hello Mavis – one of your guardian angels is Archangel Ária. You can read about your Guardian Angel on this site! Take care, Cynthia

  3. 1-30-2014

    Hi Cynthia

    I have called upon my angels and have been told we have 2 Angels by our sides is this true? And was wondering if my Archangel was Michael? My full name is Mavis Sheryle Skeene.

    God bless


  4. 1-27-2014

    You are welcome Gemmie!

  5. 1-27-2014

    Bless you and thank you Cynthia!!! Gosh, I wonder what the Michael and Archangel Michael stuff was all about then!!!! How strange!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate your time!!!! Bright Blessings to you!!!! :0)

    With Gratitude, Love and Light,


  6. 1-27-2014

    Hi Gemmie – your guardian angel is Archangel Gabriel. Take care, Cynthia

  7. 1-27-2014

    Hi Cynthia, :0)

    My full proper name is Maylou Cherrie Guilford, but I more often than not go by Gemmie… ;0) If you were having difficulty, I bet that is why… ;0) ***Laugh*** I should have thought of that, but I have gone by Gemmie for about 17 years now (except my Mum and Brothers call me Cher, I was never called Maylou (Thank Heavens!!! Hahaha!!!!))… Bless you for your kindness Cynthia!!! :0)

    With Gratitude, Love and Light,

  8. 1-27-2014

    Hi Gemmie – may I please have your full name? Thank you, Cynthia

  9. 1-25-2014

    Hello Ellen – what a wonderful story you have shared with us even though it brought you much pain and stress. It proves that miracles do indeed happen! Take care, Cynthia

  10. 1-25-2014

    When my daughters go out I always ask arch angel Michael to go with them for protection. They are 23 and 25. This past December my ounger daughter went out all day for a day in nyc called Santa con. Everyone hates it and there is always a lot of drinking involved. Not my favorite day, but being 23 this is what they do. Well, to make long story short, she got separated from her group that she was with. It was pouring rain, and very cold. She was intoxicated of course because that is the premiss of the day, and her cell phone had died. So she had no way of contacting her friends. Some man, she said came to her because she was crying and lent her his phone, she called me because she was so upset, her friends left her. She didn’t have enough money to get to the train station to come home. This man got her a cab so she could come home. I was terribly upset, but I texted the number on the called I.d. And thanked him for helping her. He texted me back these words……” Iam from an organization that helps people when they are in need, I was happy to help her, she was upset. She is in a cab heading toward the train station, I only ask that you pay this forward to some one else. This is what we do in our organization. ” I replied with I always help people when they need it, and I thanked him from the bottom of my heart. I was sitting in silence for a minute or two waiting to get a phone call from my daughter telling me she met up with the rest of her friends at the train station. Before she did that I have to arch angel Michael oracle cards from doreen virtue as a app on my phone, I asked what did they want me to know? The single card reading came up as ” the situation has already been rectified, and taken care of not need to worry” I burst out crying as this was validation to me that it was going to be alright. My daughter phoned me three minutes later to tell me she found them at the train station and was getting her train for home. I thanked God and Arch Angel Michael profusely.

  11. 1-25-2014

    Thank you for sharing your story Maribell. This is a miracle! Take care, Cynthia

  12. 1-25-2014

    Buen y Bendecdo dia en Dios,para todos,yo quiero comentar queel 17 de Nov. me accidente y camino al hospital,me encomende a todos los Arcangeles y claro a mi angel custodio,asi como a mi Divino niño Jesus,pues la fractura que tenia en mi pie y sin recursos economicos,no sabia como ibamos a salir de esta situacion,y Bendito mi Dios,hoy estoy casi totalmente recuperada,y no tuvimos que pagar la operacion,eso si durante mi estancia en el Hospital,escuche el canto de un angel,saludos y Bendiciones a todos.

  13. 1-25-2014

    HI Bernadette – thank you for your comment. Why are you afraid of Archangel Michael? Take care, Cynthia

  14. 1-25-2014

    I have periodically for years asked Michael to cleans my home of bad feelings and or spiritual beings.

  15. 1-25-2014

    Im going to try & ask Michael for help he is one of the angels im afraid of .

  16. 1-25-2014

    I Believe That Gabrial is my guardian angel.

  17. 1-25-2014

    I believe her is also the Saint for the police?

  18. 1-25-2014

    Although his appearance is definitely spectacular, sacred and blessed, I feel that at times,he walks among us.

  19. 1-20-2014

    Hello and Bright Blessings to you!!! :0)

    First, I would like to say, Thank you and Bless you for reaching out and helping those of us wanting/trying to help bring Light into the world, it is greatly appreciated!!! :0) Secondly, I wanted to say what a lovely informative website you have!!! I like it very much!!! :0)

    I feel badly for asking as I know you have much to do, but I just need it cleared once and for all for myself, if you could, please… About a year and a half ago I started to get interested in Angels in a BIG way. I asked what my Guardian Angels name was and the name Michael kept coming up EVERYWHERE!!!! I finally asked them that if my Guardian Angels name was Michael, to please stop having me find his name and hear his name several times a day. It stopped almost instantly. Then after I accepted that Michael was my Guardian Angels name, I thanked them, after I thanked them, ArchAngel Michael was EVERYWHERE, I thought it a rather important message someone was trying to give me, then the words Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael seemed to be linked everywhere… I asked if they were trying to tell me that my Guardian Angel was Archangel Michael and if so, stop sending me the messages, and they stopped pretty much right away. I have thought about it and if Archangel Michael IS my Guardian Angel (can you please tell me IF he IS), that would explain a LOT about how I have made it through a lifetime of abuse with a whole loving heart intact and not gone into self-destruct mode, it is as if all of that didn’t happen to me at all… I’m sorry this is so long winded. I have been working on trying to connect with my Angels, it seems to be a bit of a slow process with me!!! Hahahaha!!! I second guess everything!!! Thank you for your love, kindness and light!!!!

    With Gratitude, Love and Light,


  20. 11-15-2013

    Thank you Cheryl!

  21. 11-15-2013

    This was such a Beautiful Description! I have personally called for him MANY times during dark times in my home, after experiencing paranormal changes going on. Just wanted to say Kudos to you for your lovely writing!

  22. 11-5-2013

    I have had a vision of a large man sitting with his hand on his chin over looking a city. He is so large that the city seems dwarfed by him. He looks sad, but peaceful. Also another one of many other angels doing battle with bows and arrow. Lots of arrows flying everywhere, then the fall of an angel from a horse. I saw them thundering pure white in the vision. I actually grabbed ones mane and was suited with armor to do battle. Something is coming that we don’t understand. But before you this is a true testament.

  23. 10-13-2013

    Thank you Doris for your kind words! Take care, Cynthia

  24. 9-12-2013

    I have felt his presence and am very appreciative of the peace and Serenity he brings me when I’m stressed out at work or home… I have Love for him… And wish him the best of the best for being self less… Thanks for everything!

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